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Important Components Enhancing Website Appeal

Important Components Enhancing Website Appeal -

The famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and this holds true even when it is about designing a website. Many have recourse to complex coding; though it increases the appeal of the website, it is also an invitation to the complexity. And, one cannot overlook the increment in the distraction of the visitors, which brings down site’s efficiency. Hence, the thumb rule is sticking to the simplicity for heightening the appeal of the site, and some of the simple measures, which an in-house designing team or hired web designing company should implement are:

Important Components Enhancing Website Appeal -

here are some important components enhancing website appeal


components enhancing website appeal Important Components Enhancing Website Appeal

Gradient effect in enhancing website appeal

For the website demanding ‘pleasing elements’ can take into account the gradients as the headlines, logo, and buttons can be made eye-catching with the same. In addition, gradients are also relevant to attractiveness of the background.


Letters and spaces

Apt space between the two letters is desirable for making the content on the site readable. Too much or too less; both the cases will deter the users to visit your website.

enhancing websitge appeal Important Components Enhancing Website Appeal

Letters and Spacing


Unique alignment of the text -

unique alignment of text Important Components Enhancing Website Appeal

Efficiency of the web designing professional is depicted when his or her alignment of the alphabets or words let the site, outshine. Uniqueness is the key, motivating people to visit site again and again.


Say NO to excess of content -

They say an excess of everything is bad and this holds true in case of web content on the site. It could be an in-house team or you might hire web designers; an efficient designing professional is one who significantly considers the content format throughout the designing process. The designing expert is aware that excess of content can distract the readers.


Integrating contrast

This is a feature, which many web designers fail to notice. Contrast plays a vital role when there is a need to distinguish one section from other on the webpage, this not only separates different parts on the page, but also guards appeal of the webpage. At the same time, the website designer must not ignore the negative impact (uncomfortable reading) by overdoing the contrast.


Color Scheme

Opting a color scheme holds vitality for a site, and doing it right is utmost important.  Setting the right color tone ensures more visitors. A wrong color selection can irritate the visitors where as a good color scheme on the site can excite the visitors.



It is conventional to capitalize the first letter of the sentence, and there are other similar rules, which one has to stick to. However, one can also introduce upper case to the letters or the words to which putting emphasis is required.

Although explained above were small considerations, yet are ignored generally. Fixing them or keeping them in mind while designing process can do really good for the site.


[jbox title=”Author Info”]Mr. Deepak Gupta is a successful online blogger and an expert web designer. He is associated with a reputed web design company in UK that provides custom web site designing services and very well takes care of designing aspects of various clients.


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